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Experiencing a dream prediction, be it exciting, exhilarating or unsettling, is not unusual. Estimates vary but overall at least 50% of adults will report a dream which has manifested in reality.

While precognitive dreams in an individual have frequently been reported, shared dreams are a little less frequent, yet also known to occur. While common between close relatives and people in close relationships, an interesting commonly reported example is that in a therapeutic relationship, where the therapist and client share the same dream, lending more credibility to the fact that they do, indeed, occur.

Mass precognitive dreams have also been reported, as several hundred people reported dreams which predicted the sinking of the Titanic; 19 of these reports were authenticated as having been described to a second party well in advance of the incident. Mass dreams related to Covid-19 are also currently being reported and time will tell in terms of authentication of those which are precognitive.

Below is just one example of a different way in which shared dreams may occur.

These two dreamers were related and sleeping in separate rooms. Both received information about events to take place in the life of someone who lived far away, dreaming of him on the same night and discovering this the next morning. While one was dreaming of a smoldering infection just showing signs in the subject, the other was dreaming about what would follow shortly thereafter. Only one of the dreamers actually knew the subject in question. They spoke of these dreams to each other and another witness several days before the infection was identified.


Remote Viewing in a Dream | Precognition in Another


“I was staying with relatives; my room was across the hallway from my niece. So we wouldn’t disturb each other, our doors were closed. We had discovered one morning that we had both shared a similar dream about needing to clean the common area outside the two rooms. There didn’t seem to be anything mystical about this coincidence, as it was a den that definitely needed a good overhaul.

Then one night, I had a vivid and very realistic dream of two friends of mine who lived two states away. It was a bit of a tumultuous relationship all around. While all 3 of us communicated via text fairly frequently, I was closer to the woman and had neither seen nor spoken to the man in weeks. As far as I knew at the time, he was in good health.

The dream was pretty simple; I am seated across from my girlfriend in a small cafe where we once met as a group when I’d lived in that area. The front door opens and he walks in with another woman draped on his arm, a longstanding friend of his whom I recognized.  Still in the dream, my girlfriend sees this blatant maneuver to arouse her jealousy and is visibly seething within, but manages to keep her cool. At the end of the dream, he stands up from the table and collapses suddenly. Three men in white coats rush to his assistance where he lies on the floor.

Aside from how realistic it was, it didn’t seem all that significant. Scheduled for a return visit to that area in the coming weeks, I wouldn’t arrive until two days after that particular meeting and would depart prior to the next.

Seated at the kitchen counter that morning, I was joined by my niece. She had a strange look on her face and said she’d experienced a very vivid dream which she was certain pertained to me for some reason.

In her dream, she was met by a man who was reassuring her that everything would be alright, and went on to describe him in detail. She described his eyes, his height and one additional descriptive detail – a mannerism that was extremely distinct and uniquely his.

Showing her a photograph taken with these friends, she lit up and said it looked very much like him, but then looked puzzled. ‘That looks like him, but the man I saw had an arched back…like a boar or a pig. There was something else…his teeth…they were long and sharp, almost like a dog.’

It didn’t make much sense at the time.

Days later, I received a phone call out of the blue. This man would not have called me for any particular reason I could think of, as he knew I was not to supportive of how he treated my girlfriend, yet he was asking questions about a recurrent fever going on for several days in a row. He could have contacted anyone. Why me?

I have to sheepishly admit I was more than a little annoyed by the call, as it seemed a manipulation for other reasons, but I offered some friendly advice to be examined and have some blood and urine tests run.

It wasn’t until I was almost fully asleep that I remembered he had undergone open-heart surgery years prior. He had needed a heart valve replacement; a porcine graft (a pig valve). Suddenly wide awake, my niece’s words echoing in the back of my mind (‘an arched back like a pig’), I messaged him to make sure it was checked.

Sure enough, he was diagnosed with an infection on that valve by the next day. Much to my surprise, two days later, he called stating that cultures of his blood had grown positive for a canine bacterium…dog bacteria.

At some point, well after I had moved several states away, he had been bitten by a dog. Not only did I have no knowledge of the bite, my niece most certainly could not have known. She had not only seen someone she had never met in her dream, but she had seen his infection metaphorically…an arched back like a pig (where the infection was) and long teeth like a dog (where the infection entered his system).

Later that same week, I received an unexpected request for a job interview that would bring me back to the area 2 days ahead of schedule, literally pulling into town just in time for the meeting I had seen in my own dream. It was the strangest sensation to be there. I was seated across from my friend, and a few minutes later, exactly as pictured in my own dream, he walked in with this woman on his arm. My friend was fuming but she managed to keep it together with dignity and grace and the meeting soon ended.

Still sporting a long-term IV catheter in his arm for antibiotics and several pounds thinner, he stood up and immediately admitted to feeling faint. His pulse rate was rapid but returned to normal. While he did not collapse, it reminded me of the dream. I couldn’t help but ask if he had three male doctors while at the hospital the prior week. He looked at me funny, saying ‘Yes, there were three and yes, all three were men. How would you know?’

I did seek a psychologist after my return home; this was not the first dream I had experienced that had come true. Describing what had happened and a bit concerned he would think I had lost my mind, he just smiled and handed me a book on clairvoyant dreaming. It still floors me to this day that my niece would have picked up on this infection while I was dreaming of what would follow.”


What Are the Theories?


While theories abound on why we dream, there are no solid theories on why we would share predictive dreams or receive input about another person within them – none yet proven, that is.

Certainly, close contact with family members and friends could present similar experiential content within dreams as they have shared experiences, but to dream of people and events that are unrelated to our daily life suggests a completely different set of possibilities.

Obviously, there is a signal of some form emanating from the subject of a dream to the dreamer or dreamers receiving the information, but what, how and why?

For example, in the dream above, this was a personal contact of only one of the dreamers, and the physical proximity nearly 1000 miles away. Neither one of the dreamers had conscious knowledge of a dog bite nor a simmering infection. His friend didn’t even have a good explanation for why he chose to contact her about the fever, yet mattered in the long run.

Is there some form of communication that occurs across distance and time that the dreamers are receiving? How?

It is a form of remote viewing but what exactly is that?  Is it a vibrational frequency? Is it an electrical phenomenon? How was that information communicated through time and space?

On this topic, we can only guess, but these phenomenon and more have interested scientists with a lot of credibility.

Any thoughts on this subject would be welcome and may your dreams always be memorable~



8 thoughts on “Dream Prediction | Shared Dreams

  1. Your story about the Canine Bacterium was amazing! It’s as if the mind can travel and see future events. It reminded me of something that Jose Silva(Silva Method) once said about brainwaves. There’s delta, gamma, theta and a few other brainwaves and all of them can be measured except theta because it is “out of this world”. Also, when we sleep, we go through Theta brainwaves and it is also the first brainwave at the moment of birth and the last to be identified before death. Truly amazing stuff. 

    1. Thank you for your participation!  Yes, that unusual outcome seen from a distance between two people who had no connection aside from a mutual contact who knew them both and the images received are pretty incredible.

      I was interested in your comments about Jose Silva and am curious as to where you found his information that theta waves are not measurable, as they are seen on EEG.  Along those lines, while we can measure them with an EEG, we cannot really correlate exactly what is happening in the brain circuits during these states.  There are several studies where participants are woken up during these states to examine what they recall, but very difficult to draw absolute correlations.  The major challenge with shared dreams is that their occurrence is completely random, which just goes to show that some of life’s mysteries may just remain mysteries.  Time will tell~ 

  2. Wow! I have never had predictive dreams. But in some way, I do believe that dreams are not only images of impressions of the day.

    There are some reasons why I believe that dreams are something more than just some random images. When I was a child (10-15 years old) I often had lucid dreams. I was often able to control dreams. I was aware that I was dreaming and created my own stories in them. However, now even if I realize that I am only dreaming I usually wake up modestly. 

    One more story about my dreams! I have brother, we are twins (but we don’t look similar). One time back when we were kids we dreamed the same dream. I dreamed that we climbed on the windowsill and together with brother and other childhood friends we tried to fight with a huge snake in our room! That snake was a few times bigger than normal snakes are. Maybe its size is memorized from anaconda the movie. At first, I paid no attention to that dream. But somehow my brother embeds a story about his dream (maybe after a few weeks). I remembered that I had the same dream. Then he told all details and they coincide!

    1. Thank you for your participation; I would be interested to know if you and your brother had an illness, like a common cold around the time of the shared dream.  Twins share dreams on a statistically significant level, identical twins even more which theoretically would indicate that DNA (shared genetic information, if you will) has something to do with it.  Non-identical twins still share more genetic information than regular siblings, thus it is not surprising that you would have experienced this together.  Lucid dreaming is a skill and fascinating to me, having a relative who was about your same age when he had invested time in enhancing this skill.  You might be interested in the works of Robert Moss, an expert in the field of dream reentry and healing (https://mossdreams.com/).  Thank you again and all the best!

  3. Interesting story and certainly food for thought. I have read before that science just cannot explain certain prophetic dreams away. Not even as a coincidence, as we dream so much and experience so many impressions, feelings and happenings. Our minds are capable of many things, most of which we have no knowledge of. How our brain would receive signals from the future is an enigma that still needs to be answered. Can morphic resonance have anything to do with it?

    1. Truthfully, I think many theories are fair game and thank you for your contribution!  Morphic resonance, the concept that we inherit a collective memory as a species and possibly an explanation for telekinesis is one of many, and an interesting possibility.  

      Future events are outside the realm of memory unless an alternate universe exists synced ahead of the existing one, it would seem.  In the example provided, it is likely that the subject of the dream had this indolent illness brewing at the time of the dream (the bite was several weeks prior to onset); perhaps the dream of later events seen by his friend somehow extrapolated the sequence to follow from known behaviors of the individual.  

      It is also possible the illness was seen by both the aunt and the niece, but only the latter portion of the sequence recalled by the person who knew the subject.  In other words, as several dreams occur throughout the night and usually only one is remembered, information from the aunt’s other dreams that same night was somehow shared to the niece, who was able to recall it.  The niece wouldn’t have possessed any conscious information to extrapolate future behavior of the subject.  

      Hard to say.  The two dreamers were related; it would be interesting if the subject had a genetic connection to them both as well.  They why’s and how’s truly are endless possibilities.

      All the best and thank you!

  4. hello dear….awesome review you have on dream predictions, A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, although they have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history.this is could lead to results of thoughts about in our minds before falling asleep.. some persons sweet dreams as things are because in reality and most times when you dream seriously what might come in the nearest future..

    thanks for sharing…i look forward to sharing

    1. Thank you for your comments~

      Reflecting on what you have written and forgive me if I am misinterpreting your comment, it has been written that nightmares in particular, or more serious dreams, may or not be precognitive but are an actual attempt of the psyche to alert the dreamer of an issue that must be faced in waking life.  Here is a link to a great resource, if you have further interest, from the International Association for the Study of Dreams.  Look forward to hearing from you again!  

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