Extrasensory Perception

Extrasensory perception (ESP), or “sixth sense”, is reception of information from a source outside the realm of the 5 physical senses, an awareness which arises in the consciousness.

Almost the majority of individuals will report experiencing extrasensory experiences in the course of their lifetime.  Others, known as psychics (psychic mediums, clairvoyants) are individuals identified as having a heightened awareness of these innate gifts and how they receive this information and utilize these gifts will vary markedly.  There does appear to be a hereditary component, although it has been postulated that anyone can develop their own unique gifts through training.*

Throughout history, psychic phenomena and mysticism continue to fascinate the human race, yet our ability to define and predictably quantify and categorize these gifts, accurately record and measure these phenomena reliably and provide adequate scientific proof to discuss them in a way that does not invite skepticism remains problematic.


Cognition – The Present


Cognition simply means “knowing”.  It not only refers to our ability to understand and process information with our 5 senses as we develop, but the concept of “knowing” without prior exposure to the information extends to the realms of ESP and spirituality.

What we actually understand is contingent not only upon our age, the functional capacity of our brain, but also our social conditioning through our education, culture and belief systems.  It is also intensely personal; what one person understands and processes through their intellect may not reflect the viewpoint of another when faced with the same stimulus.  “Knowing” is somewhat different; it is perhaps our true intelligence and instinctual knowledge that is independent of external factors and cultural differences.

Nevertheless, a majority of individuals will report being faced with a decision where they just “knew” which choice to make, even though the “knowing” did not arise from logical thinking.  A generalized description would typically include a deeply internalized and intense sensation, thought or feeling that was difficult to ignore.

As humans are a fairly complicated species, one need only look at a herd of animals, school of fish and flock of birds to recognize that a common intelligence acts between them in a very coordinated manner often prior to natural disasters.  While some of this may be cues from the environment on the physical plane, it is equally possible that an innate knowledge operates within them.

Complicated or not, among humans are abundant accounts of dramatic life-altering outcomes from actions that were based entirely upon this inner knowing.

Historically, these accounts were the stuff of literature, tribal lore and “witnessed events” in spiritual communities.  Today, with platforms of social media and mass entertainment freely available globally, these stories are brought to life and shared across cultures readily.


Cognition – The Future

Precognition is “knowing” the future.

Our desire to predict the future is both evident in our fascination with prophets throughout history, but even more evident in modern mathematical models, corporate projections and statistical sciences.

Can we actually know the future?  Not in all its detail, certainly, yet it would appear that our desire to do so has been part of our evolution and economically supported.

For some, pure curiosity drives the fascination.  The most sophisticated statistics, even on the strictest of criteria, are useful but not absolute predictors of outcomes in any application.

When this fairly human “need to know” in advance stems from fear of events and a desire to somehow control this, it can create vulnerability.  Predictions used for monetary advantage, in particular, can lead to decisions later regrettable if the statistics have not been fairly presented or if something absolutely unpredictable occurs which renders them useless.

On an individual level, a self-professed psychic reader “with 98% accuracy” that would pressure a vulnerable individual into additional readings at additional expense would be an example of someone using statistics to prey upon that fear.  True psychics are historically fairly conservative with their gifts and very careful to ensure that their reading is understood to be a reflection of current circumstances.  It would be fair to assume that the outcome of any reading would depend largely upon any changes or adaptations the seeker may choose based upon it.


Cognition – The Past


Retrocognition is “knowing” events of the past, but not as a defined memory.  In the case of psychic “knowing”, this refers to knowing of events that have occurred in the lives of others that could not possibly be known otherwise, but also affects individuals in another way.

How many of you reading this have experienced déjà vu, the sense that you have been in a particular circumstance or experience before?

A vast majority of adults share this type of retrocognition.

While not fully understood, and purely hypothetically, Déjà vu may represent memory of dream experiences that did not register on a conscious level.  If this is the case, the dream experience itself would represent precognition, and the experience of déjà vu, retrocognition of a dream in the past.

Again, we are just exploring the realm of the possible here, not absolute science; we will revisit this hypothesis in another section on altered states.


Dreams Speaking


“One of the most frequently reported altered states in which ESP is reported to occur is that of dreaming. This is unsurprising as dreaming is one of the most frequently & universally experienced altered state of consciousness. It is suggested as much as 65% of reported spontaneous ESP cases have occurred during dream experiences.”  The Dreaming Mind: Extrasensory Perception, Dreams and Lucid Dreams

Predominantly over the years, studies of extrasensory phenomena remain encapsulated as pseudoscience, (“false science”).  In truth, we really do not have all the answers to why things exist as they are and if scientific history repeats anything, it continually repeats adjustments in our theories of our understanding of reality.

Dreams Speaking is not representing any specific scientific model or spiritual view; we are simply presenting honest accounts and experiences, allowing the reader to draw there own conclusions.  We respectfully present stories from our contributors as their unique take on their own path to discovery.

We welcome enthusiasts wishing to explore intuition, extrasensory perception  and some of the science emerging behind it to enjoy the stories contained within and new ones as they arise from the community.  Also, we invite you to participate in a safe forum to present your own unique experience.


What We Wish to Share Now


In a global pandemic that threatens our medical systems, educational systems and economy, the value of these stories right now would be primarily for entertainment value, but also might spark a conversation within the growing community in time that leads to more understanding.

These accounts are simply demonstrations that we communicate with each other and our own psyche on more levels than we often realize and outside of the normal boundaries of time and space.  Perhaps science will one day learn how to apply this energetic communication for practical use; for now, it is offered for enjoyment and to foster shared experience.

It is the history of humankind to view unusual ideas with fear.

With no allegiance to any particular political, scientific or socioeconomic viewpoint, we are simply here to “talk story”, share information and provide our readers a safe environment to do so.


What We Hope to Offer


If you enjoy mysticism, science, astounding stories that have credibility, exploration of your dreams and inspiration – it is our hope to inspire you to continue.

Sleep being both precious and essential for dream recall, we will present practical methods for enhanced, restorative sleep, as well as resources for dream journals and interpretation.

Mental and emotional health, so critically intertwined with restorative sleep and simple methods to enhance personal stability during changing times will be presented.

Regenerative practices such as meditation, mindfulness and conscious living play such a critical role in overall health and well-being; references and resources to the spiritual leaders of today that carry valuable messages and tools for self-discovery will be presented to enhance your experience, as well.

Under full disclosure, this is an affiliate website; affiliate links will be marked with an asterix* and a disclosure statement will be noted at the bottom of each post that contains them.  Purchases made through affiliate links provided may generate a commission to dreamsspeaking.com.  While purchases made through these links are at no additional cost, there is no obligation.  You are more than welcome to simply visit, enjoy and contribute comments and suggestions as part of our community.

All contributions submitted will be thoughtfully reviewed and are appreciated!

MH – Editor


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6 thoughts on “Extrasensory Perception

  1. My dreams always are the weirdest things, where I always see a distortion of the true ‘reality’ around me. So far, I have seen them more like the reflection of all the things I see and I have done in my life. I have some recurring dreams of graduating school some 40 years ago. Am I understanding correctly that dreams can also have a predictive quality? I must say that I have never seen them like that. Maybe it’s a gift that I do not have? In any case, it is interesting to read that these gifts can be developed by training. I am looking forward to that.

    1. Thank you, Jerry.  Not everyone experiences predictive dreams, nor are all dreams the same.  Many are just psychological processing.  When the stories are published, and the post about true criteria for predictive dreams, the distinctions will be made.  An excellent resource for this is a book by Dr. Judith Orloff called “Second Sight”.  She provides a good breakdown of the types of dreams reported.  

      I was about the last person who would have expected that these gifts are real, but many more people do report and have actual experiences than are recognized.  The stigma often keeps them silent and in my case, silence might have been helpful this past year, but now that the cat is out of the bag, I decided to run with it and hope you will follow in the future on dreamsspeaking.com.  Thank you again!


  2. Hello, i see that the page is still in diapers, but your content so far looks very interesting. Me, myself, I am interested in spiritual and esotherical stuff. What i would be searching at most on your site is DREAM INTERPRETATION and REGENERATIVE PRACTICES- where i could share my experience (qi-gong meditation excercises, Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down excercise). You integrated already links to research more about your topic, which is great. Good job, keep it up.

    1. Great description that it is still in diapers, yes, but thank you for your input on the topic.  Excellent input for starting the regenerative practices portion of the site and I do hope you will continue to follow!  Kind regards, MH

  3. A very interesting read. I have watched several Clairvoyant’s acts and am always fascinated by how they do it. Yes, you guessed right, AGT & BGT always have these type of acts.

    On the topic of deja vu, my teenage son has experienced this several times. It happened when I am around him and he stopped whatever he was doing and told me – omg, mom, I just felt a state of deja vu. He asked me why it happens (again) and I don’t have a good answer for him. I, myself wonder why it happened?

    Anyway, thanks for the good read.

    1. Thank you for your input; I’ll be writing some stories for the content of the site that are just my hypothesis of one of the possible reasons it occurs.  There are many, of course, but do stay tuned in the coming month to dreamsspeaking.com.  Kind regards, MH

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