Telepathic Communication Between Soulmates

Why would telepathic communication between soulmates exist?  What exactly is telepathic communication?

Surprisingly, even if you are someone very resistant to the thought of telepathic communication, you will likely relate to some of the examples below and have examples in your own life or know of someone who has described these experiences.

Between family members and close associates, argument could be made that some of these phenomena are simply psychological projections.  Some might argue it would be delusional to believe that messages are transmitted in such a manner, yet such an explanation would be limited and somewhat belittles the profound experiences of so many.

We really know so very little nor do we have a good explanation as to why, yet we do know that experiences such as these are frequently reported.


What is Telepathy?


Telepathic communication is a nonverbal form of communication between two people (or living beings) that does not involve the traditional 5 senses. They may be together or long distances apart, but the communication is instantaneous; in other words, both individuals are experiencing the same thought, feeling, sensation, impulses or images at the same time.

As it is instantaneous, it does lend itself amenable to study, and has interested scientists over the years with some studies that statistically support it as a real experience [1].

Here are some examples of commonly reported types of telepathic communication:

  • Parents contacting their children, sensing something is wrong and discovering they have been in an accident or fallen ill at the time of the sensation (also experienced in reverse, with children sensing an event in the lives of their parent.
  • Twins often reporting sensing a shift in the emotions of their twin from a distance and being correct.
  • Seeing an object in a dream and receiving it from a romantic partner the next day (the object already with the giver at the time of the dream).
  • The same text sent between two people asking the same question at the same time, even if the subject is about another person or event they have never discussed.
  • Not having to finish a sentence with another person who admits they were thinking the exact same thing as they complete it.   (This could arguably be coincidental, as close contacts might be prone to think along the same lines or a conversation may be logically headed in the same direction, yet people who report them often describe that they happen more frequently than mere coincidence.)
  • Thinking of someone not seen for years as the phone rings and they are the caller (the impact of this was more profound when phones did not have caller ID).

While there are many studies of telepathy, a preliminary study of image telepathy in dreams was initiated at a Grateful Dead Concert in February 1970, leading to a pilot study in March 1971, the results of which were published in the Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine in 1973[1]. In the pilot study, the telepathic “senders” were the members of the audience at each of six concerts, the receivers were sleeping greater than 35 miles away. One receiver was in her apartment and the second (and more accurate of the two) was at a 45-mile distance from the concert and sequestered in such a way as to eliminate any possibility that input could have been received via any other means. The results showed that the images reported in his dreams over these 6 nights were statistically significant, quite unlikely to have occurred by chance. This experiment is but one example of many.

Theorizing that telepathy is a potential operative force in the animal kingdom is not a long shot either.  Coordinated shifts in the flight of birds, migration patterns of animals and sudden shifts in the direction of schools of fish indicate that some form of mass communication exists that we cannot fully explain despite best efforts.


What is a Soulmate?


While much is written about finding a soulmate as a romantic life partner, there are different varieties of soulmates out there.

A soulmate is not necessarily a romantic partner, a life partner or anyone related to you, it is sometimes for a very different purpose that they arrive in your life.

While a life partner can certainly be your spouse, a sibling (particularly for twins) or the very best friend that you met in grade school who always understands and supports you, what a bonus if they are your soulmate, as well.  Telepathic communication can and is often described in such relationships.

Outside of a romantic relationship or close friendship, other types of soulmates are introduced into each other’s lives as a teaching tool, one unto the other.

What is often described when meeting a soulmate is a sudden sense of deep connection and congruence of thought. They will feel as if they have known each other for a very long time and feel a sense of both relief and elation at having met. Often the meeting will seem to have occurred with synchronicity (a meeting between two individuals that has impact and interrelation that is more than mere coincidence).


Soulmates as Teachers


Sometimes soulmates enter as teachers of the positive variety and have arrived to point the other in the right direction in their life by introducing them to new ways of seeing the world, new hobbies or adventures and or simply sharing a new perspective on the world. Mentors are sometimes soulmates in disguise, as they perhaps see something in a protegee and foster their development with sincere investment, broadening and leading them toward their own destiny of completion.

These types of soulmates are quite often mirror reflections of aspects of each other that are identified and nurtured in the positive sense.

There are, however, soulmates that may mirror negative aspects one to another, one or both souls needing to be healed in the sense of healing old emotional wounds and behaviors. These are soulmates of the “Instructional Variety”.

In a concept known as “Oneness”*, the purpose of these encounters is to bring one or both individuals into a state of completion.

For example, in the case of lovers and friends, we often hear of two people who meet and find they feel as if they have known each other forever and share many common interests. They simply “get” each other and quickly develop a relationship or a rapport and spend a good amount of time appreciating each other’s company. They will swear they have found their soulmate and telepathic communication may be present, just as with any of the long term relationships noted above.

Unfortunately, once they discover that there are features of the personality of the other that appear dark or in direct opposition to their own firmly held beliefs, a challenge is presented within the space of that relationship and there is a lesson to be revealed to one or both.

These types of relationships can be very confusing because the pull of attraction is initially so strong, met by an almost equal repulsion if healing does not occur.

If each individual is able to see their own part in the dysfunction, spiritual and emotional growth is the result and they are ready either to continue with each other or move along on their respective paths.

If the lesson is not learned by one, the other is generally free to move forward; the soul still stuck in an old behavior will repeat the dynamic with someone else. If the lesson is not learned by either person, they will either continue in a back-and-forth toxic dynamic with each other or separate, each finding their next lesson ready for them until they can see their own dysfunction reflected back in a way that prompts them to heal within.

Soulmates can be messy, in other words. Because the bond between their souls is so strong, they can be the most painful relationships, yet pain can a powerful teaching tool for spiritual growth.


How Might Telepathy Play a Role in Spiritual Growth?


Let’s face it, if you have even suspected you have developed telepathic communication with another, it is fascinating and can lead to a lot of curiosity into the nature of the connection. A beloved friend once called that “the spiritual gymnastics phase of emotional growth.”

Here is one example where telepathic communication simply got the attention of the recipient as needed motivation to learn; we invite you to comment with your own experience.

‘I met a man suddenly in a new community group meeting; something about his voice and demeanor felt so strikingly familiar and we became acquainted. On my birthday, as I was new to town, he offered to take me to lunch and we had a delightful time. We spoke for more than two and a half hours and shared stories and similarities in thoughts and feelings that both of us acknowledged as truly unusual. We discovered that about 2 months before we met, we had both been visiting the same institution at the same time for very different reasons, but did not cross paths.

There was an attraction between us initially. We soon started noticing that our color schemes in our clothing matched on the same days and viewpoints on what we heard in discussions were the same, almost finishing each other’s sentences. Text messages would appear between us simultaneously asking about the same topic, without any clue that the other person was thinking along the same lines at a distance. It was a heady experience and seemed as though the Universe had brought an unexpected gift.

Suddenly, after a brief weekend out of town, he picked me up at the airport promptly taking a call while driving home, talking the entire 40 minutes with a colleague. The focused attention we had once shared had vaporized; it was confusing and a definite red flag that something was up.  Soon thereafter, it became evident his interest had been diverted to someone new.

While painful, I understood it, yet my somewhat odd spiritual connection with him continued for a while, much to my disliking.  For instance, his image showed up in my dreams on several occasions, not romantically, but in distinctly accurate images and behavior.

Nothing was particularly shocking and it more of an annoyance that his presence was somehow embedded in my psyche. Having seen the near miss in relational terms as a blessing in disguise, there was something that held me back from cutting the cord of friendship; we were regular attendees to a community organization and continued running across each other’s footpath, like it or not.

Reflecting on my own behavior and emotions and observing his actions and repeated behaviors over time, it became something akin to observing a science experiment. It was a profound lesson in aspects of his nature and my own that I didn’t like and wished to improve upon; we were like twins in some ways and polar opposites in others. We still had strange ways of communicating, including odd synchronicity in messages and random encounters outside of community meetings for some time.

While the initial reason I believed he had shown up in my life turned out not to be true, he taught me a great deal on an emotional level and, in the months that followed, some of those dreams about him began to manifest in real life. Somehow, this telepathic communication that had persisted had an unexpected purpose – his arrival in my life coincided with the beginnings of a spiritual awakening.

Over time, more people entered into my life and I began to experience this connection more frequently with others. While he and I did not remain in contact, his appearance in my life hallmarked an entryway into a path of spiritual growth upon which, there are many miles to go. To this day, it would not surprise me at all if we had somehow been genetically related.’

Perhaps, as in this case, the telepathic communication between soulmates is a form of spiritual attention-getting. We become intrigued by the connection and pursue it out of interest because of its mystery, hopefully ultimately discovering the lessons to be learned therein.


Spiritual Gymnastics


Why, how and when telepathic communication will occur is still a mystery; discovering it and attempting to use it to good purpose is still a questionable practice.  All sorts of methods are used to connect with others and to decipher the meaning of the messages or utilize them predictably.

Certainly this would not be advisable without solid grounding and knowledgeable mentors.  Spiritual gymnastics, like real gymnastics, can be a dangerous sport if not properly trained, aligned and balanced.  Even so, the phenomena remain undeniably fascinating.

We would love to here your stories of telepathic communication or your thoughts on this subject, and invite you to view our section on spiritual gymnastics by clicking here.

May your life be full of discoveries~



[1] Krippner, S., Honorton, C., & Ullman, M. (1973). An experiment in dream telepathy with “The Grateful Dead.” Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine, 20, 9 – 17.

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