Telepathic Communication Through Dreams

In our discussion of a sequence of shared dreams (otherwise known as mutual dreams), there were also elements of telepathic communication through dreams. Let’s separate this from precognition through dreams.


Distinguishing the Two


The distinction between telepathic communication and precognition is best described as the urgency of the communication. Again, while theoretical, telepathy is perhaps an alarm signal between two souls. If it exists, then it is best described as an instantaneous or an urgent call from one soul to another to align for some specific purpose, big or small.

How many of you have experienced a moment with a loved one speaking the same thought at the same moment?  While that is not so unusual, how do you explain thinking about someone and receiving a message or phone call at the same time from someone else regarding the same person or subject?  While these can certainly be coincidences, how many of you would say you were “connected” to certain individuals in this way at a frequency that seems more than coincidental?

In the shared dreams previously discussed (Dream Prediction | Shared Dreams), the subject of the dream was developing a serious health condition in the here and now, possibly indicating a form of urgent telepathic communication.  Impossible to be certain, but certainly possible.

It stands to reason that telepathic dream communication would overlap with precognition. Although the event has already occurred in real time in a telepathic dream, it is in the future that the discovery is made between the two or more individuals communicating in this manner.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s use another example.


Random Meeting


“One morning I recalled a dream about a woman with long blond hair.  She was outside the terminal of a well-known international airport looking at two small boys, about the age of 9. They looked alike. She was from an island; a minister was advising her.  In the dream, there was a closed box near her feet and a sadness to her; when she looked at the box, she had to leave both of the boys and the box behind.

Much to my surprise, a few days later, this woman with long blond hair walked into my church. I had never seen her before to my knowledge.

Approaching her in the parking lot after the service out of sheer curiosity, I didn’t wish to frighten her, giving her my full name and explaining that I was a happily married man, as I was about to say something she might otherwise have thought was a pick-up line (‘I saw you in a dream’).  She seemed relieved by the ‘happily married man’ part of my introduction and asked me to describe it.

Asking if she was from an island, she looked surprised for a brief moment, then smiled and said she had lived in the Florida Keys for a while. Asking if she knew anything of two small boys, she mentioned that she had only one son, who was now fully grown, although there were frequently one or two of his friends in her home when raising him. When I told her I had seen two small boys with her at an airport, and the box at her feet, she just nodded. Describing the minister that advised her to leave all of that behind, she looked as if she was about to cry, but took a deep breath and sighed.

‘Your dream makes sense. I knew a man who was trying to gain custody of his twin boys that live out of the country. He had mentioned they would be flown into the very airport you mentioned. I only found out a few nights ago that he had been hiding something about himself that would make it unlikely his boys or anyone will be able to stay with him. Perhaps the box represented what he had been hiding. It does make me sad; when I learned of the boys, I would have welcomed that opportunity had things worked out differently. The minister is a friend from home. I just moved here recently. After speaking with him about it the other day, he thought I had made the right decision but also reminded me to seek out a church to ground myself, which brought me here today.’

She said she had experienced dreams similar to mine, which was the reason she wasn’t too alarmed about me dreaming of a complete stranger in advance. We chatted more about it, as we’d both had similar dream experiences.  

As this wasn’t the first time it had happened to her, nor was it the first time it had happened to me, I wonder where we pick up on these things?  As for why we met, I had no idea, yet she seemed relieved to know I had seen the difficult choice and thanked me for being brave enough to share my dream with her, as it had given her some comfort under the circumstances.  Perhaps that was the purpose.”



Unsolved Mysteries


For now, telepathy and precognition remain unexplained, but we do know that reports abound throughout scientific literature, folklore and are not the stuff of fiction. We just don’t have all the information, but somehow our spirits do.


We Know Very Little


While we know very little, we do look for references and continue to study with recommendations here and there where you might also seek additional information. Please feel free to submit any knowledge or comments you have on the topics discussed.

For an extensive review, we recommend this book published by the International Association for the Study of Dreams, which can be purchased on Amazon* by clicking on the photograph.



May Your Dreams Always be Memorable~




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